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Frequently asked questions

Is EdNet Free?

Download is FREE EdNet Essential is FREE Subscription Plans include;

  • EdNet Plus for students
  • EdNet Pro for Lecturers / Teachers and those directly and/or indirectly involved in academia
  • EdNet Exec for Sponsors
EdNet has suggested packages for differnt users, but any user may select any package from the subscription plan upgrade - Thank you for chosing EdNet

HUB Management Access

Who can access HUB MANAGEMENT

  • Hub Management may be accessed by all users, but only EdNet Pro and EdNet Exec may create HUBS

How do I create a HUB?

Only EdNet Pro and EdNet Exec users may create HUBS

  1. Select side menu
  2. Select +icon
  3. Add Name of Hub
  4. Select EdNet contact(s) who will then become Hub participants
  5. Type description of the Hub
  6. Facilitators Experience
  7. Select create
You have now created a HUB

What is FYI?

FYI is your quick messaging platform with the following features;

  • text messaging
  • 2min max video
  • 2 min max audio
  • Take-a-Pic
  • Upload
    • images
    • videos
    • documents
FYI is great for sharing quick / short messages ENJOY!!